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     Sexual harassment and other forms or sexual misconduct can be stopped in your workplace before it ever gets started. How? By establishing very clear guidelines from the day the doors open as to what the expectations are regarding verbal communication, written communication and behavior. Every member of management must model these guidelines 100% of the time without exception.

     It must be clearly understood that any deviation from the established guidelines will have serious consequences with the most likely outcome being termination. This is a kind of behavior that cannot afford second chances in most cases. Once an employee has been made to feel threatened or fearful by a co-worker, a dynamic has been created that is virtually impossible to undo as long as the guilty party is present in the workplace. Barring exceptional circumstances, sexual misconduct is a one and done kind of infraction. This must be understood by every employee from day one. It must also be understood that the NO EXCEPTION rule applies to everyone, including the CEO. 

     The guidelines must also make it clear that an employee who reports sexual misconduct will be protected and will never suffer retaliation.

     The goal in any workplace should always be for every employee to feel safe, protected and respected. Those who prevent a safe and pleasant work environment from thriving should be removed from the workplace. 

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Contributor: Craig Turner - Training Resource Services, Inc.

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January 2, 2018