Finding a job, keeping that job, getting raises, getting promoted and eventually finding a better job is more than looking at help wanted ads, filling out applications and going to work every day. It requires a certain way of thinking, a personal plan, and a commitment to action. 

Like anything in life, achieving something good, contrary to popular opinion, does not happen due to 'luck.' People who have accomplished great things will often say that they were very lucky and that many people helped them along the way. That is probably true. But good things usually happen to those who are giving it everything they've got every day. A common saying is that "the 'luckiest' people are the hardest working people." Furthermore, those people who give it their all every day are much more likely to attract the attention of others who are willing to help. People who sit around waiting for things to happen are probably the 'unluckiest' people and are unlikely to receive help from others. 

It is true that hardship can weigh people down and zap their hope. When it seems you hit one dead end after another and that there is no way out, it is easy to get discouraged and to stop trying. At times like this, it is very difficult to get motivated to try hard every day to make something good happen. Especially, when it feels as if you are being judged by people who are doing well, people who think you are lazy, who think you are irresponsible, who think you have a poor character, and on and on. They blame you for having hard times.

Here's the thing. Ignore those people. Ignore all the nonsense you hear. Ignore the following nonsense that you hear all the time:

"It's all about who you know."

"The deck is stacked against you."

"Everything is set-up to prevent you from getting anywhere."

"There is just no hope."

"You are helpless."

"You are not capable of solving your own problems."

"You are powerless."

"You are morally deficient because of all the mistakes you've made."

"You are just not smart enough."

Ignore these people. These people are not paying your bills. These people are doing nothing to make your dreams come true. These people want to prevent you from being empowered. They want you to be dependent and begging for their help. They do not want you to be in control of your own destiny.  

No matter how hard it is or how long it takes, take control of your own destiny. Empower yourself. You can overcome any mistake you have made. Whatever your current situation, more than likely it is due to decisions you have made. Your problems are self-imposed. So, what that tells you is that you can make decisions to do things differently. 

Do any of these things apply to you?

I have a criminal record.

I am a drug user.

I am unemployed.

I am homeless.

I am dependent on public assistance.

I do not have a high school diploma. 

I have no money.

I am in serious debt.

I am pregnant with no husband and no money.

If any of these things apply to you, it is true that you are faced with a serious challenge. Some well-intentioned people will tell you how wrong and tragic it is that the world has put you in this situation. Again, do not listen to these people. These are people with a good heart but who are classic enablers. They are essentially saying to you that you are weak, that you are incapable, that you are not smart enough to get yourself out of these situations or to overcome your own problems. They are telling you that you have no choice but to wander around hoping that someone else will solve your problems. 

Here is the truth.

You can solve your own problems. You are perfectly capable. You are smart. You have the ability to assess your current situation, make a plan, make decisions, and begin to take action today to change your situation. It will be hard. It will take time. But you will learn that action taken every day toward achieving a good plan will slowly, but steadily, start to show results. You will see that gradually, little by little, your life will get better. You will always have problems. That's life. But over time, your self-imposed problems will be less and less and they will be less severe. 

Now, other problems will come, problems that you do not bring on yourself. You may get sick or injured. You may be laid-off. A tornado may destroy your home. You could get robbed. Your car could get stolen. There are lots of things that can happen that are not your fault. These things will happen in life. But you can respond to these things by letting them control you, by letting them keep you down, or you can learn from them. You can make the choice to try to prepare yourself for the unexpected, so the next time something happens that you did not bring on yourself, you are better prepared and the impact is less severe. For example, you can work to build up savings so if you are laid off, yo have a safety net to help until you get an income back in place. Always think ahead. be prepared. Try not to let unexpected events throw you off track.

Problems and failure can be viewed as bad things or as learning opportunities. Of course, success is always more fun. In truth, however, failure is just as valuable as success. Success teaches you what to keep doing.  Failure teaches you what to do differently.

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February 22, 2018