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     It is commonly understood that words and actions are a direct outcome of our thoughts. Every thought we have will not be manifested in words and actions, but what we think, how we think and what we dwell on will certainly impact what we say and do. Online Justice Training is based on the proposition that in the vast majority of cases people can make the appropriate decisions based on what is right and legal. We have choices and we are responsible for the consequences of our choices. So, yes, my thoughts do, in fact, really matter.

     In the world of the criminal justice system and social services we have countless programs that are based on cognitive change programming. In other words, working with offenders and clients to methodically examine thought processes and decision making. Of course, we are well aware that decisions and behavior can be influenced by substance use and abuse, mental health disorders, and environmental factors. But in general, people are capable of making decisions for themselves and engaging in behaviors based on moral and legal standards. Criminal justice and social service agencies generally combine the cognitive change approach with specific interventions and treatments determined by individual risks and needs. 

     The challenge often faced by those who work with offender and social service populations is that society is constantly bombarded with messages from the entertainment media that individual behavioral choices can be attributed to external forces such as poverty, racism, an unjust criminal justice system, and other environmental factors. Criminal justice and social service practitioners struggle to help offenders and clients understand that they are in fact responsible for themselves, their choices and behaviors. We all have a responsibility to oppose social injustices. We also have a responsibility to make individual choices and engage in individual behaviors that are consistent with moral and legal standards and that do not cause harm to others.

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Contributor:  Craig Turner - Training Resource Services, Inc.

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December 31, 2017